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A fun puzzle game to order issues on your scrum board

Runs on Jira
What is it for? The Challenge: Picture this—you're faced with a scrum board overloaded with issues. You've made decisions on what to tackle in the next sprint, but now comes the tricky part: figuring out their optimal order. Sorting them can quickly become an arduous task, draining your energy. However, what if there existed a more engaging approach to address this challenge?

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Regional winner of the Atlassian Devs Unleashed Hackathon The goal was: Ready to make work fun again? Unleash your creativity by building a game leveraging data from Atlassian SAAS products in fun + interesting ways using Atlassian Forge and REST APIs.

How it works The goal is to establish a clear path from the S block to either block A or B, with each block representing a distinct issue. The issue corresponding to block A and block B is indicated at the top of the board. Your choice of the endpoint determines the relative importance of the associated issue, influencing its placement in the overall order. Creating the path outline involves rotating individual blocks, accomplished by a simple left button click. By right-clicking on the blocks, a red line is drawn to trace the actual path. The goal is to guide this red line to either block A or B. To ensure constant engagement, each puzzle board generates two random paths leading from S to A and B. This guarantees the presence of a valid path to both blocks. Additionally, the path blocks are randomly generated and placed along the designated path, with varied orientations. It's worth noting that non-path blocks may contain path blocks or solid blocks that do not allow passage. The element of randomness adds to the game's challenge, as it may not always be immediately apparent how to construct the correct path. The puzzle is considered solved once you successfully draw a continuous red line to block B and perform a final right-click on it. The game concludes once all issues have been appropriately sorted. At this point, you can view your total score along with the current high score, encouraging friendly competition. You have the opportunity to earn extra points by completing the puzzles swiftly. A timer counts down, and for every 10 seconds elapsed, you lose an additional 10 points. If the timer reaches zero, you still receive 10 points for completing the puzzle, but no extra points are awarded.
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